گروه بین المللی کارخانجات آجر نسوز نما آذرخش

   Production method of Azarakhsh Company 

Like other factories, primary ores which are extracted from the given mine are carried until factory location. These extracted materials are then conveyed from depot to primary part of production line by conveyor. When the materials are grinded by cubitegrinder, materials with different sizes ranging between 0 to 20 mm are then graded and conveyed to preparatory salon

These materials are then conveyed to rotary furnaces for calcination. In determined temperature of baking, calcinated materials are then entered rotary furnaces. They will then enter storage pond in Chammote (grog)form

Chammote (grog) then be graded based on product type by blade mills. After this process, the required glue ( a mixture of highly plastic ores which has are already micronized in mesh form ) is added to mixers. When the necessary temperature reaches to given amount after composition of required materials, the mixed materials will then become homogenized and directed towards storage silo. After storage, these materials are then directed towards next level, i.e. molding and pressing by tray feed 

Using automatic conveyors, materials are then compressed and molded by hydraulic presses with pressing capacity ranging between 400 – 1400 tons and then collected by fully automatic conveyors, then their unnecessary edges are cut and trimmed. They will then be ordered in multiple groups and collected by intelligent robots and then set in silo wagon based on scheduling

After setting in wagons, these wagons are directed towards baking unit and furnaces. When enough heated in furnaces, these materials firstly become fully dehydrated and then baked 

Baking time ranges between 72 to 170 hours in different temperate also ranging between 1200 to 1500 Centigrade degree (duration of baking and temperature depend on material type and application of final product). When furnace turned off, wagons directed towards furnaces after cooling by coolant fans for several hours. Refractory bricks are then be directed towards packaging and quality control unit. Base on their color, these bricks are sorted out after approval of quality control unit and then packed and stored to be supplied to market