گروه بین المللی کارخانجات آجر نسوز نما آذرخش

Factories of Azarakhsh International Group of Refractory products are as following

By relying on its equipment and its specialist personnel and also using state- of- the – art facilities and technologies, Factories of AzarakhshQom International Group of Refractory products production are ready to realize what you think International group of Azarakhsh Ghom incombustible products factories by the grace of God, the Almighty, cooperation of specialized and active personnel; making use of its exclusive mines and high-quality raw materials available in the country; in order to procure the increasing needs of construction industry to different incombustible products; in order to bring foreign exchange into country in 1997; with predefined

objectives have founded its number one unit with an annual capacity of production of 15,000 tons of different types of incombustible materials and Firebricks in Shokoohieh industrial town in Ghom under the name of industrial manufacturing company of Azarakhsh firebricks of qom

Unit number 2 under the name of Azarakhsh incombustible products of Ghom Company with a capacity of 18,000 tons of different types of Firebricks for construction with the most advanced machineries of the world was founded in Mahmoodabad industrial town in Ghom in 2003. After carrying out various marketing procedures on the international domain, unit 3 with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons of different types of ground and façade Firebricks was founded in 2008 under the name of Azarakhsh Ghom incombustible ceramics international company. At the moment, we are the biggest producer of different types of Firebricks for resistant façade of buildings with high quality competitive with foreign samples throughout the Middle East. We are also the sole producer of different types of decorative sheet Firebricks in huge sizes in

.country and have brought our country numerous awards from the international domain
People’s view of social phenomena may play an important and facilitating role in realization of people’s goals and welfare. In the past time, the purpose of dwelling was to keep human away from cold and hot weathers as well as exposure to dangers, but today’s dwellings and housing has been deeply affected by architectural engineering and construction industry. In other words, today’s housesnot only are completely away from the above mentioned thought, but also the best of aesthetic works are thought to be implemented for housing and construction. By the same token, building façade plays an inevitable and important role in construction industry. Therefore, identification of materials and components which fulfill better performance of façade is to be prioritized. One of the most common materials used for construction is brick. In addition to its innate nature, it is endurable against cold and heat as well as moisture. Many people have been fascinated in the appearance of brick.
These properties have totally led brick to bebecome the most common material of construction in today’s construction industry. Beauty and pattern of porcelain brick has made it to be used both inside and outside façade and characterize it in a particular manner. Use of brick for floor covering and area construction reminds desert climate of these desert- adopted materials in addition to their good strength
.In the same token, many capabilities and modern methods as well as modern technical data and facilities of Azarakhsh Company have helped architects to manifest and bloom their sentimental spirits despite hardness of brick production
.Although brick plays role for identification and recognition of such spiritual aesthetics in addition to other components and materials, but the difference between them is that the former, i.e. \brick, is a versatile and multipurpose component so that it is both modern and classic after centuries of emergence
.In fact, not only a brick- façade building is a part of nature but also it gives a scenic façade or shape to the building
.Like a hand- made carpet, a brick carpet is a combination of endless styles of architects
Using state-of-the–art technologies and specialist, Factories of Azarakhsh International Group of Refractory Façade Brick production has produced the highest variety of products by observing ISO 9001 and international standards so that its products ranges between traditional bricks to modern bricks.
.At the end, you are kindly requested to select our products by having a profound look on our goods