گروه بین المللی کارخانجات آجر نسوز نما آذرخش

Our objectives are

     Reaching to a common concept for quality

     Assuring consumer and costumer

     Distinguishing and controlling those attributes of the product which are not measurable by laboratory methods

     Motivating personnel and gaining their cooperation in developing company’s objectives

     Adding to values of procedural system’s output through creating solutions for error prevention

     Solutions for segregating good items from defective ones

     Solutions for preventing reoccurrence of error

     Finally, putting behind the first step of reaching to comprehensive quality management

Future goals of International group of Azarakhsh Refractory products Factories

     Improving product quality based on global and international standards

     Production of new products in full compliance with progress in brick and construction industry in the world

     Training efficient man- power to improve ever- increasing growth off national economy

     Development of commercial relationships with all countries concerning export of non- oil goods

     Commissioning and operation of plant No.: 4, with annual capacity of 80,000 Tons per annum

     Commissioning and operation of plant No.: 5 in Europe ( Germany )

Honors and objectives of Azarakhsh Ghom Firebrick Factories International Groups  


Obtaining two certificates of ISO 9001 From MIC and Premier of England.

     certificate 2008 – ISO 9001 Quality Management from ITCC England.

     International standard certificate ISO 10002:2004 customer satisfaction system from England.

     standard Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 safety and hygiene from ITCC England.

     International standard certificate ISO 14001:2004& Environmental (ASCBE) from England. Obtaining 8 certificates from America ‘s Brick Association.

     Brick Veneer-environmental Cladding choice

     Colors and patterns in brick work

     Mortars for brick work

     Water management in exterior walls

     Sustainability and brick Masonry

     Water-resistant brick work

     Articulation and scale in brick work

     Obtaining Golden Product Rank 2010 Iran Confair

     Iran Standard sign

What we have achieved

     Improving the culture of brick use in facades of buildings

     Production increase and gaining highest rank of production in the Middle East

     Improving the culture of record and control of evidence

     Provision of services concerning design and installation of brick façade

     Improving order and group cooperation of personnel

     Making relationshipsbetween different departments of company through participation in meetings of management revision

     Provision of the most complete and the best information concerning technical services for installation of brick façade and execution of work until its end

     Effective track from the sale point until the end of project with customers

     Reduction of man- power failure and error using clear, comprehensive and applied instructions

     Improving work efficiency by conducting regular training courses